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Welcome To GardenShowers.Net

Sometimes it's funny how things get started.  I have had some storm chaser friends for years who alway tease about storms not being as big as they would like and would always talk about them being garden showers, or garden shower chasing.  For a while I have been looking for a name for my weather website and I just thought GardenShowers.Net would be awesome.

Here in the Great Basin area we do not get the big time super cells that Kansas, Nebraska and that area get.  However we do get our fair share of weather.  We will attempt to try and cover that part as well as add video's from our attempted chases and photos.  One thing that we do have to navigate around is the Great Salt Lake.  So that does get interesting.  We hope you enjoy our website.  If you have any suggestions, send us a quick email. 

Have a great day!




I will be using my website more and more to post about weather updates instead of my Facebook page. This model update for tomorrow April 18, 2017 gives us a chance of about .50: of rain or more which is good becuase we still need it. We still have a small chance of some thunderstorms as well. Check back in the afternoon because I may have my live cam up and running.

For more information on our weather please click on the link.  NWS Forecast

Afternoon thunderstorms on May 8, 2013