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Thanks for taking some time out to find out more about us.  Well I should say there is just me.  I have been interested in weather for many years.  One day a few years back I was doing a search for watch tornados online and came across a cool website called SevereStudios.  I was and still am amazed at what that site does and the amount of storm chasers they have.  I have enjoyed watching many stream and awesome video.  Through this website, I started talking to one of these storm chasers.  His name is AG.  Everyone knows who he is.  We started talking and I became his webmaster of Find The Tornado.Com.  We had many great years togther and I will miss him.  Also through SevereStudios, I have been able to associate with many great individuals such as Kory Hartman, Will Wilkens, Pat Darrow, Tim Purington, LaRae Gallant, Craig Curlee, Steve (Dubs) Worthington and many others.  They have helped me understand what to look for and when to look for certain things according to the weather.

So I am new at this chasing thing, but where I live along the Wasatch Front, there are not many of us.  I have a lot to learn and I am sure I will make mistakes along the way.  However thanks for taking time to visit my website and watching my videos.  Maybe someday I will get to head out to Tornado Alley and see a big super cell or even a tornado.  Hope everyone has a great day!